Day Two


Less jet lag today… Managed to sleep in till 7!  Anyways, we attempted Snow City again, and failed again, so it was time to find a new breakfast spot.  We found — The White Spot!  Nice little diner, several of us got to experience the reindeer sausage breakfast sandwich.  Was like a good kielbasa!

Then it was time to temporarily check out – next two nights at a Bed and Breakfast near Wasilla.  On the way up, we stopped for a quick hike, and some amazing views:


Unfortunately, also some amazing mosquitoes.

Straight shot from the to Big Lake outside Wasilla, and Happy Trails Kennels.  It’s a B&B run by Martin Buser (4-time Iditarod champ) and his family.

Mr. Buser turns out to be every bit as friendly and awesome as one would be led to believe from his TV appearances. His wife (or boss as he refers to her) encouraged us to play with the dogs (and not-yet-sled-dogs of the miniature variety). Thus:


Lazy evening, as there isn’t much in the immediate area. Day 3 – exploring around Wasilla.

4 comments on “Day Two

  1. How cool you stayed with Martin Buser!! I watched a T.V series (via Netflix) on the Iditarod a few months ago, and he was impressive – very organized, knew so much about the course, dogs, how to pace, the other competitors, etc. His son was in the race that year also. Anyway, a very interesting man. And he seemed a little more – uh – normal than the other extremely intense competitors. It was fascinating.

    Loved your take on chocolate and beer. Great pic of the mountains. Am enjoying hearing about your trip.

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures of the mountains! Sorry that the mosquito welcoming committee was already in full force. Enjoy your time at the B&B, it’s great to hear these updates.

  3. I remember kepnieg track of the race in elementary school! I lived in Fairbanks for grades K-3 and every year there would be a huge “dog sled tracking mural” in the hallway of my school. Each class would pick one or two teams to track and would decorate a paper life sized dog to represent the class’s team. As the team advanced in the race the dog would advance along the wall. Fun!

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