And we’re off!

Sitting in lovely Logan Airport, awaiting our flight to Anchorage (via Chicago and Seattle).  American Airlines has as always done their honest best to ensure a miserable customer experience…The latest ploy of breaking up a group’s pre-booked seating and then offering to sell it back to them is fortunately not at all skeevy.

Oh well…by this time tomorrow, we’ll be enjoying hash browns at the Snow Cafe in Anchorage!  … This time, local time.  I’m not getting up at 5am for hash browns no matter how delicious they are.

And no pictures yet, though I thought about grabbing a shot of the Logan runway, as a later baseline to compare glaciers and mountains against.

One comment on “And we’re off!

  1. How honorable of AA to attempt to sell you your original booking back after breaking it up. Yes, honorable. I am sitting on my front porch here in Maine as a wild thunderstorm rolls over the neighborhood. Not quite mountains and fjords and glaciers – but so good getting reminded by Mother Nature who’s boss. I think you guys are in for a similar ride up there – looking forward to hearing about it.

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