A New Hope


It’s time to see if I can actually make myself put this website to use for a while.  Things will probably be ugly for a bit, as I work out the details, but that itself leads to a cycle of procrastination.  No motivation to work on the site, because no content.  No content, because the site is ugly.  So – hopefully, putting up some content will help break that cycle 😉

Also – having this crosspost to LiveJournal.  Dunno if anyone’s still listening over there.  If so – hello!

Anyways, primary impetus to getting this thing going is the trip to Alaska coming up in a couple weeks.  Figure it’ll be nice to have a good place to journal what goes on there, post pics, that sorta’ thing.  Anyone wanting to watch just that can just keep an eye on:


Anyways.  Other life updates to come!

2 comments on “A New Hope

  1. This is great, Bren. I like your riff on “no content, ergo site is ugly, ergo no content, ergo, er…….” . It has a familiar ring.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Alaska trip. Is it too weird to have a parent follow?

    • Not weird at all! That’s what it’s here for :) About to send out a link to all the relatives, with itenerary.

      Still need to figure out how to post pictures to this thing in a way that looks nice, though – my project for the week.

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