Days Three to Five


So as alluded in the last update, on Monday we shipped up to Big Lake outside Wasilla to hit a B&B. That night, we checked in at Happy Trail Kennels. What a great little place! We got there in the early evening, and saw Martin working on the new building for the dogs and business. He came over and chatted a bit, incredibly nice, down-to-earth guy. We settled in, played with some very happy puppies, then turned in.



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Day Two


Less jet lag today… Managed to sleep in till 7!  Anyways, we attempted Snow City again, and failed again, so it was time to find a new breakfast spot.  We found — The White Spot!  Nice little diner, several of us got to experience the reindeer sausage breakfast sandwich.  Was like a good kielbasa!

Then it was time to temporarily check out – next two nights at a Bed and Breakfast near Wasilla.  On the way up, we stopped for a quick hike, and some amazing views:


Unfortunately, also some amazing mosquitoes.

Straight shot from the to Big Lake outside Wasilla, and Happy Trails Kennels.  It’s a B&B run by Martin Buser (4-time Iditarod champ) and his family.

Mr. Buser turns out to be every bit as friendly and awesome as one would be led to believe from his TV appearances. His wife (or boss as he refers to her) encouraged us to play with the dogs (and not-yet-sled-dogs of the miniature variety). Thus:


Lazy evening, as there isn’t much in the immediate area. Day 3 – exploring around Wasilla.

Day One


So, first full day in Anchorage!

Stage 1: Jet-lag.  Yes, we all were up at about 6am; body says “Hey, guess what, it’s 10am!”  The 4am sunrise (combined with the 11:30pm sunset) doesn’t help.  Still, the view takes some of the sting out of it:


Several of us then went to find coffee.  Turns out, Anchorage has a critical need for coffee before 8am, but not a large supply – little coffee kiosks everywhere, but none open.  Oh well!

After that, we went to get breakfast.  Out favorite from last time, Snow City Diner, had a 90-minute wait.  Hm!  Time for a backup.  We went and found a spot Duncan had scouted the previous day – Cafe Amsterdam.  More on them later, but for the moment, I’ll just say it was an excellent breakfast.

Afternoon was largely spent free-form. Haldis and I explored Anchorage a bit. They like their bears here.


Quick stop at Humpy’s Alehouse (excellent menu of local beers, great root beer), then back to the hotel for a bit.

Evening was a shopping trip… La Bodega, a fun local liquor store with a growler bar. They had Taza Chocolate! Odd to see it so far from home. Then, speaking of chocolate, we hit Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge. Everyone enjoyed some rich drinking chocolate (think hot chocolate, but without milk or water. Consistency of motor oil). Delicious, and extremely spicy.

We also decided to swing by Cafe Amsterdam again, since they had an intriguing beer list. Unfortunately, they were closing (Sunday, after all). Fortunately, the owners recognized us from earlier, remembered us talking about the beer menu, and invited us in! What followed was some extremely tasty beer, and discussion about Alaska and its brewing scene with some incredibly nice, down-to-earth beer lovers. Really hoping we can make it back at least once more on the trip. Heck, I want another one of these:


Anyways, ended with a relaxing evening back at the hotel. Day two – up to Wasilla for some Iditarod!

And we’re off!

Sitting in lovely Logan Airport, awaiting our flight to Anchorage (via Chicago and Seattle).  American Airlines has as always done their honest best to ensure a miserable customer experience…The latest ploy of breaking up a group’s pre-booked seating and then offering to sell it back to them is fortunately not at all skeevy.

Oh well…by this time tomorrow, we’ll be enjoying hash browns at the Snow Cafe in Anchorage!  … This time, local time.  I’m not getting up at 5am for hash browns no matter how delicious they are.

And no pictures yet, though I thought about grabbing a shot of the Logan runway, as a later baseline to compare glaciers and mountains against.

A New Hope


It’s time to see if I can actually make myself put this website to use for a while.  Things will probably be ugly for a bit, as I work out the details, but that itself leads to a cycle of procrastination.  No motivation to work on the site, because no content.  No content, because the site is ugly.  So – hopefully, putting up some content will help break that cycle 😉

Also – having this crosspost to LiveJournal.  Dunno if anyone’s still listening over there.  If so – hello!

Anyways, primary impetus to getting this thing going is the trip to Alaska coming up in a couple weeks.  Figure it’ll be nice to have a good place to journal what goes on there, post pics, that sorta’ thing.  Anyone wanting to watch just that can just keep an eye on:

Anyways.  Other life updates to come!